Grand Canyon University Deceptive Practices Investigation

Grand Canyon University, Inc. has participated in the marketing, and sale of programs and courses that do not qualify students for licensure. Such conduct includes leading students to believe that the program will advance students’ professional careers, when, in fact, the degrees obtained from the school do not meet the requirements that many states set for professional licensure or are otherwise unaccredited. To make matters worse, because other accredited schools will not accept the Grand Canyon University course credits, all of the effort, expense, and crushing loans are a complete waste of time of students’ time and resources. The school has profited handsomely from this scheme, while students are stuck with student loan debt, but unable to obtain employment or even apply their course work to programs at other schools that are actually accredited. 

Graduates and current students may be entitled to compensation if they are enrolled in programs that will not be accepted for professional licensure in the states where they wish to practice and work. If you attended Grand Canyon University and are interested in speaking with an attorney about your experiences, please contact us.  Please complete the form below and a consumer fraud lawyer will review your submission to determine whether you were the victim of this potentially deceptive scheme.

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