Airline Ticket Pricing

The cost of flying continues to climb each year as airlines introduce a bevy of new and higher fees. Perhaps the most egregious airline fee, however, is the hidden charge some airlines tack on to domestic flights with a connecting city. These connecting flight charges are difficult to find or are missing entirely from the airline website. If you booked a domestic flight online for a flight that had a connecting city, you may have paid more than you should have for your ticket.

Tycko & Zavareei is investigating the pricing practices of certain American airlines, including Delta, United and American. Certain consumers may have been charged too much when they booked flights that involved connecting cities from the airlines’ websites.  If you booked a flight from one of these airlines’ websites within the past two years for a flight with a connecting city, please contact us. A consumer fraud lawyer will review your submission to determine whether you were the victim of potentially fraudulent airline pricing practices.

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