GE Microwave Oven Shattering Glass

Our firm is litigating a class action to remedy violations of federal and state warranty and consumer protection law alleged to have been committed by GE in connection with the company’s manufacture, design, marketing, and sale of certain GE-branded microwave oven models (JVM1540, JEF1095, ZMC1090, and ZMC1095).

Plaintiffs allege that these GE microwave ovens (“MWO”) are defectively designed and/or manufactured such that the glass on the MWO doors will shatter, causing the MWOs to be unreasonably dangerous and unsuitable for their intended use.  Plaintiffs further allege that GE identified in service bulletins the cause of the defect to be interference between the inside surface of the glass and the hinge spring inside the door assembly, which was eventually corrected in the manufacturing process, but only on a forward-going basis, such that customers may still have these MWOs in their homes.

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