Hotel Resort Fees

If you’ve traveled in the last several years, you may have been hit with an unexpected “resort fee” tacked on to the hotel bill at the end of your stay. These mandatory (and usually unadvertised) hotel fees are most prevalent in certain vacation destinations such as Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, and Southern California, to name a few.

A hotel resort fee is a mandatory fee tacked onto a nightly room rate, and can cost up to $35. These resort fees are purportedly for amenities such as newspapers, exercise or pool facilities, bottled water, or Wi-Fi.  But they are charged whether or not a guest uses the “amenities” they’re being charged for. Many hotel guests complain that they had no idea they would be required to pay these resort fees in addition to the total room rate disclosed at the time of booking. In fact, in many cases, the hotels do not notify guests of these mandatory resort fees until after the guest completes a booking, and frequently not until check-out.

If you were charged a mandatory hotel resort fee that surprised you, or was not adequately disclosed until after you booked your hotel, or not until check-out, you may be eligible to participate in a free class action lawsuit investigation.

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