Unsolicited Telephone Calls Investigation

Every day, consumers nationwide receive unwanted, annoying, and disruptive calls on their cell phones and home phones. These calls attempt to sell insurance or other products, offer free vacations, attempt to collect debt, and promise easy access to credit, just to name a few.  If you’ve received these calls, you may be entitled to significant benefits under the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which punishes telemarketers for making certain unsolicited calls. Consumers may be entitled to recover five hundred dollars per violation (or one thousand five hundred dollars per willful violation) of the TCPA.

If you receive unsolicited telephone calls and are interested in learning how to protect your rights under the TCPA, we would like to speak with you.  Our attorneys can tell you about the steps you must take and information that needs to be gathered in order to combat telemarketers’ unsavory, disruptive, and illegal business practices.

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