Hassan Zavareei discusses the firm’s COVID-19 cases against colleges and universities.

Leave it to colleges and universities to continue charging exorbitant fees even as students are unable to attend class in-person due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. Multiple schools from across the country will be hiking tuition for the upcoming academic year, The Washington Free Beacon reported. Attorney Hassan Zavareei, who is representing several students in multiple lawsuits, […]

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Tycko & Zavareei featured in Washington Post regarding airline class actions

The global pandemic has upended the travel industry, with airlines canceling thousands of flights and, until recently, cruise lines confining passengers to their cabins as the coronavirus swept through their vessels. Many travelers have resolved their issues with the companies, receiving refunds or other compensation. But others have not and are turning to the law for […]

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Lawsuit Filed by Tycko & Zavareei LLP Alleges Airlines Fail to Provide Refunds for Cancelled Flights Due to COVID Pandemic

A lawsuit filed against Southwest Airlines alleges the carrier violated its contract with customers by failing to provide refunds for flights canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic.  In the suit, traveler Adrian Bombin says that when Southwest canceled his trip from Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, via Florida, to Havana last month, he asked for a refund. […]

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