Amazon’s Ring Blamed Hacks on Consumers Reusing Their Passwords. A lawsuit filed by Tycko & Zavareei Say That’s Not True.

After a series of high-profile incidents in which hackers gained access to live footage of Ring security cameras inside people’s homes, the company blamed consumers for reusing old passwords. Two plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit accusing the company of negligence and invasion of privacy say that’s not the issue — instead, they say their passwords were unique […]

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Lawyer, Hassan Zavareei, Representing Ring Camera Hack Victims Says Rings Defense of Recent Hacks Is “Baseless and False”

After a series of Ring camera hacks, the Amazon-owned security company has claimed that any intrusions into its customers’ cameras or accounts were perpetrated by hackers who obtained login credentials from hacking forums or the dark web, not from the company’s database. Hassan Zavareei, a partner at Tycko & Zavareei LLP, a firm specializing in class-action […]

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Tycko & Zavareei California Office Files 28-Page Lawsuit Against GitHub and Capital One Over Data Breach

Law firm Tycko & Zavareei LLP filed the 28-page lawsuit in California’s federal district court [PDF] on Thursday on behalf of plaintiffs Seth Zielicke and Aimee Aballo. The plaintiffs claim Capital One and GitHub of failing to protect customers’ personal information and said that both companies need to be held responsible for their role in the data breach. They […]

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