Jeffrey D. Kaliel

Jeffrey D. Kaliel



Jeffrey Kaliel earned his law degree from Yale Law School in 2005. Mr. Kaliel graduated from Amherst College summa cum laude in 2000 with a degree in Political Science, and spent one year studying Philosophy at Cambridge University, England.

Mr. Kaliel has substantial class action experience and has received “Washington D.C. Rising Stars Super Lawyers 2015″ recognition. He has been appointed lead Class Counsel in numerous nationwide actions. In those cases, Mr. Kaliel has won contested class certification motions, defended dispositive motions, engaged in data-intensive discovery and worked extensively with economics and information technology experts to build damages models. Mr. Kaliel has also successfully resolved numerous class actions by settlement, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in relief for millions of class members. Mr. Kaliel is actively litigating dozens of national class action cases, including several actions against financial services entities, payday lenders, and other entities involved in predatory lending and financial services targeting America’s most vulnerable populations.

Mr. Kaliel’s class action successes extend beyond financial services litigation.  He seeks to lead cases that serve the public interest.  Mr. Kaliel has worked with nonprofits such as the Humane Society, Compassion Over Killing, and the National Consumers League to fight for truth in the marketplace on food and animal products.

Prior to joining Tycko & Zavareei, Mr. Kaliel was in the Honors Program at the Department of Homeland Security, where he worked on the Department’s appellate litigation.  Mr. Kaliel also helped investigate the DHS response to Hurricane Katrina in preparation for a Congressional inquiry.  He has also served as a Special Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of California, prosecuting border-related crimes.

Mr. Kaliel is a former Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve, with Airborne and Mountain Warfare qualifications.  He is a veteran of the second Iraq war, having served in Iraq in 2003.

Mr. Kaliel is admitted to practice in California and Washington, DC.