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    • American University, Washington College of Law
    • McGill University

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Kristen Simplicio | Partner | Tycko & Zavareei LLP

Kristen G. Simplicio is a Partner at Tycko & Zavareei LLP and has devoted her career to representing victims of illegal debt collection practices, false advertising, and corporate fraud. Over the last two years, Ms. Simplicio has secured a number of victories on behalf of homeowners as a result of her work representing plaintiffs in over a dozen cases filed around the country against mortgage loan servicers over fees charged in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and related state statutes. Ms. Simplicio has made important changes to the mortgage servicing industry, securing five settlements that have included not just refunds to affected borrowers but also agreements to stop charging these fees.

Ms. Simplicio’s work also includes a number of cases brought under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”). She is currently representing plaintiffs in RICO suits against a for-profit university over a deceptive scheme to enroll students into worthless online programs, and a bank over its conspiratorial role in collecting illegal payday loans from 140,000 victims around the country. And prior to joining Tycko & Zavareei LLP in 2020, she was the lead associate in a RICO case bought on behalf of small business owners against 18 defendants in the credit card processing industry. In connection with that case, she obtained a preliminary injunction halting an illegal $10 million debt collection scheme, and later, helped to secure two settlements that obtained refunds and changed practices for the victims.

Ms. Simplicio graduated cum laude from American University, Washington College of Law in 2007. She holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill University. She began her legal career at the United States Department of Labor, where she advised on regulations pertaining to group health insurance plans. Before and during law school, Ms. Simplicio worked for other plaintiffs’ law firms.  While Ms. Simplicio is now based in Washington, DC, she spent the first decade of her practice in California, where she successfully litigated over a dozen false advertising cases against manufacturers of a variety of consumer products, including olive oil, flushable wipes, beverages, and chocolate. In connection with this work, she helped to obtain millions of dollars in refunds to consumers, as well as changed practices.

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