Rape Kit Billing Investigation

Recent reports have surfaced of hospitals and other health care providers unlawfully billing patients for rape kits (otherwise referred to as sexual assault forensic exams or “SAFEs”). If you or your insurance company was billed for one of these exams, you may be entitled to compensation. The federal Violence Against Women Act requires states to provide these exams for free if they wish to remain eligible for certain anti-crime grant funding. Many states thus prohibit health care providers from charging survivors for these exams.

Tycko & Zavareei is currently investigating the billing practices of hospitals in several states relating to the unlawful charging of rape kits or SAFEs. If you or your insurance company was billed for one of these exams, please contact us. Certain patients may have been improperly charged for such exams. In addition to being unlawful, advocates have reported that these billing practices have the potential to re-traumatize survivors. A consumer fraud lawyer will review your submission to determine whether you were the victim of potentially unlawful medical billing practices. All information submitted will be kept confidential.

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