Rebate at Menards Investigation

Did You Purchase Products on Rebate at Menards?

We are investigating whether Menards home improvement store engaged in potentially unfair business practices that may violate the law through its rebate programs. Menards offers two kinds of rebates to consumers: rebates on specific products and temporary 11% rebates on all in-store items. Menards aggressively advertises and offers these rebates to entice consumers to purchase products with the hope that many consumers will fail to send in the requisite paperwork, will not notice the rebate check and/or will not redeem the rebate.

If you purchased a product from Menards that was eligible for a rebate, sent in the required paperwork (original receipt and rebate form), and never received the promised rebate check AND/OR if you signed up for and have used the Menards Big Card, but have not received all the promised rebates on purchases made, we are interested in discussing your experience. Please click here to contact us. A consumer fraud lawyer will review your submission and contact you about your experience.

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