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Phoebe M. Wolfe | Former Public Interest Fellow

Phoebe M. Wolfe's Experience as a Fellow

Columbia Law School, 2018 | City University of New York, Hunter College, 2015

During her fellowship, Phoebe had the opportunity to hone her litigation skills through substantive work on a wide range of cases in the areas of civil rights, employment, and consumer protection. Her contributions included, inter alia, drafting discovery requests and responses, complaints, motions to compel, motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment, and motions for class certification, under the supervision of the firm’s partners. She also assisted with client intake and correspondence, in addition to supporting new case strategy development. Among other projects, Phoebe worked on civil rights class actions bringing constitutional claims against two Missouri municipalities’ modern-day “debtors’ prisons.” In those cases, Phoebe drafted a successful motion to compel, assisted with discovery, and aided in the class certification process. Phoebe also worked on cases challenging payday lenders’ unscrupulous practices in which she had the opportunity to assist with a witness deposition.

For her non-profit placement, Phoebe spent three months at Public Justice, a nonprofit legal advocacy organization that brings impact litigation to strengthen protections for consumers, employees, civil rights, and the environment. While at Public Justice, Phoebe conducted legal research and wrote memoranda for cases combatting debtors’ prisons, corporate animal agriculture, and gender-based violence. She also had the opportunity to author the organization’s comment to the Federal Trade Commission supporting a rule to restrict the use of non-compete clauses in employment agreements.

Throughout her fellowship, Phoebe received invaluable feedback, advice, and mentorship from the firm’s partners and associates, which has prepared her well for her new position as a Litigation Fellow at the National Women’s Law Center.

*During her fellowship, Phoebe passed the New York bar exam and worked under the supervision of Hassan Zavareei while her admission was pending.

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