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Schuyler Standley | Former Public Interest Fellow

Schuyler Standley Public Interest Fellow

Schuyler Standley's Experience as a Fellow

University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, 2021 | American University, 2016

During her fellowship, Schuyler Standley honed her litigation skills through substantive legal work on a wide range of cases in the areas of consumer protection and civil rights. For example, in TZ’s higher education cases, she participated in briefing a motion for class certification and successfully arguing in opposition to summary judgment, as well as contributing to appellate briefs in the Fifth Circuit and the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition, she contributed to drafting cross-motions for summary judgment in a civil rights action bringing Eighth Amendment and federal civil rights claims against a North Carolina prison for its unjust shackling of pregnant prisoners and failure to provide necessary medical treatment, including medication for opioid use disorder.

Schuyler also had the opportunity to work on several appellate and amicus matters throughout her Fellowship. Most notably, she contributed to the briefing and argument preparation for TZ’s Supreme Court case Coinbase v. Bielski. She also assisted on several amicus projects, including in the Supreme Court case Murthy v. Missouri.

As part of her Fellowship, Schuyler spent three months working at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (“EPIC”). There, she worked on amicus briefs, litigation strategy, and policy research in the cutting-edge legal issues at the intersection of technology, civil liberties, and social media governance. For example, Schuyler participated in drafting an amicus brief for the Ninth Circuit case X v. Bonta, No. 24-271, advocating for the constitutionality of California’s social media transparency law, AB 587.

The Fellowship gave Schuyler meaningful and varied litigation experience, mentorship, and exposure to varied areas of law that will carry her forward throughout her career.

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