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Stephanie Berger | Former Public Interest Fellow

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Stephanie Berger's Experience as a Fellow

Harvard Law School, 2013 | Arizona State University

During her fellowship, Stephanie Berger spent two months working at the National Women’s Law Center in addition to the rest of her time at Tycko & Zavareei. At the firm, Stephanie jumped right into important public interest work, gaining substantive litigation and procedural knowledge through interviewing new clients, investigating potential matters, writing briefs, and conducting motion practice and written discovery. Stephanie had the opportunity to work substantively with all of the firm’s partners and associates on a variety of matters encompassing all of the firm’s practice areas. Most notably, Stephanie worked extensively on products liability cases involving defective microwave ovens, consumer protection cases involving deceptive labeling claims and fraudulent payday lending practices, and a malpractice case. Stephanie’s fellowship at Tycko & Zavareei was invaluable to her development as a new litigator, and she looks forward to continuing her work as a public interest plaintiffs’ attorney.

In addition, during her time at the National Women’s Law Center, Stephanie worked in the Education & Employment division, where she gained experience in the policy field while furthering NWLC’s agenda to champion laws and policies that promote women and their families. This included drafting advocacy materials and helping to prepare for Hill briefings on issues such as fighting unfair treatment of girls of color in schools, promoting vocational education guidelines that provide opportunities for girls to gain training in traditionally male-dominated trades, raising awareness about sexual assault on campuses, and lobbying for the Paycheck Fairness Act.

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