Wishbone Data Breach Investigation

If you or your minor child downloaded and used the popular Wishbone mobile application prior to January 2020, you may have a legal claim.

Did you or your minor child create an account on the Wishbone mobile app prior to January 2020? If so, the personal information provided when creating your or your child’s account—including username, email, phone number, timezone/region, full name, bio, gender, password, profile picture, social media profile, and Facebook and Twitter access tokens—may have been exposed in a 2020 data breach of Mammoth Media, Inc., the maker of the popular app.

The Wishbone Data Breach exposed the personal information provided by over 40 million users with Wishbone accounts. If you or your minor child created a Wishbone account prior to January 2020, please complete the following form and an attorney will review your submission.

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