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Amazon Counterfeit Products Investigation

Tycko & Zavareei works hard to try to force corporations to treat their customers fairly and lawfully. Over the years, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers in our lawsuits over their various deceptive and unfair practices.

Amazon Counterfeit Products Investigation:

Amazon is getting flooded with counterfeit versions of products, angering its customers who say Amazon is doing very little to fight the fraudsters.

Forgeries sold by third parties through Amazon range from counterfeit goods sold by third parties through Amazon include baby products, N95 masks, textbooks, and various household goods. As a result, some Amazon customers are stuck with goods that do not meet U.S. safety standards or are defective in some way.

To make matters worse, Amazon takes a cut of third-party sales regardless of whether the products they ship are real or fake, giving the company no incentive to crack down on counterfeits. They say the site that’s typically known for speedy service is excessively slow to respond to their concerns about fakes.

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