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Privacy and Data Breach

Tycko & Zavareei is a burgeoning leader in the pursuit of preserving consumers’ privacy against the pervasive intrusions of digital technology into our all aspects of their daily lives. As consumers become more and more dependent on technology to assist them in their medical care, economic transactions, and personal needs, their privacy is made vulnerable not only to hackers, but also to those companies who are entrusted with that private information.

For example, our firm is leading litigation against Facebook for its unlawful and unconsent tracking of its consumers physical location. Lawyers at the firm have been named as lead counsel on other important privacy cases. For example, Tycko & Zavareei is leading the litigation against Ring for the highly publicized breaches by hackers into home cameras that were supposed to protect them. The firm’s lawyers are also actively litigating data breach cases against businesses who failed to protect their customers private data, including medical providers, financial services businesses, banks, and software companies. These cases are highly complex involving novel legal theories and requiring creative and thoughtful lawyers with substantial expertise.

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