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CenturyLink Price Hike Investigation

CenturyLink “Price for Life” Subscriber?

CenturyLink’s “Price For Life” program promised to residential customers that as long as they kept their internet plan with CenturyLink at the same address, their monthly subscription costs would remain the same. However, earlier this year, many consumers reported an increase in their bill despite being part of the Price For Life program. The CenturyLink Price For Life increases have caused frustration among Arizona and Washington residents, and now consumers are banding together and standing up for their rights.

Any current Arizona or Washington resident who signed up for CenturyLink’s Price For Life plan since October 1st, 2017, has not missed a payment, hasn’t moved since signing up, still has service at their home address, and is currently being charged more than the Price For Life amount is eligible to join this class action investigation.

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