Florida Class Action Lawsuit Alleges That Perdue Farm’s “Humanely Raised” Labels On Chickens Mislead Consumers

On October 24, 2013, Tycko & Zavareei LLP, Kopelowitz Ostrow P.A., and the Humane Society of the United States filed a complaint against Perdue Farms, Inc., based on allegations that Perdue deceives customers that its Harvestland brand products are “Humanely Raised.” The lawsuit was brought in the Southern District of Florida, and follows a similar action that Tycko & Zavareei and the Humane Society filed in the District of New Jersey.

The complaint contends that Perdue bases its “humane” claim on guidelines for chicken treatment from the National Chicken Counsel’s, an industry trade group. Those industry standards, Plaintiffs allege, condone and necessitate inhumane treatment throughout chickens’ lives. Moreover, the National Chicken Counsel standards are in use across the mass-produced chicken industry. Perdue’s “Humanely Raised” labels deceive consumers that the company’s operations are superior to its competitors’ practices.

In a press release, the Humane Society states that “animals in Perdue’s factory farms suffer many of the same conditions found in other industrial facilities… Perdue has apparently been exploiting the good intentions of its customers and selling them a factory-farmed product dressed up as ‘humane.’” Various news and media outlets have picked up the story, including Politico, Meat & Poultry, and Capital Press.

You can access a copy of the complaint here.