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Grand Canyon University Deceptive Practices Investigation

About the Class Action Lawsuit

Did you enroll in an online graduate program with Grand Canyon University in order to become a licensed professional such as a teacher, health care worker or counselor, only to learn that its program did not qualify you for licensure in your state? Did a recruiter or advertisement lead you to believe that you could practice in your profession, but it turns out you can’t? Tycko & Zavareei LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against Grand Canyon University on behalf of these students and would like to hear from you.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff alleges that Grand Canyon University markets and sells programs and courses that do not qualify students for licensure. Such conduct includes leading students to believe that the program will advance students’ professional careers, when, in fact, the degrees obtained from the school do not meet the requirements that many states set for professional licensure or are otherwise unaccredited. And because many accredited schools will not accept the Grand Canyon University course credits, students are unable even to gain further education despite the efforts and expenses expended. The school has profited handsomely from this scheme, while students are stuck with student loan debt, but unable to obtain employment in their fields or even apply their course work to programs at other schools.

You can download and read the entire complaint here: GCU First Amended Complaint

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