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Member of “Taxpayers Against Fraud” Renée Brooker Speaks on False Claims Act Enforcement During the Biden Administration

Date Published
Jan 27, 2021

The Federal Bar Association Qui Tam Conference hosted the first event, “How the Biden Transition is Likely to Affect False Claims Act Prosecution.”  Panelists shared their experiences during prior Administration transitions.  Topics addressed included: the interactions among career DOJ leadership who are responsible for enforcing anti-fraud laws, the transition teams, and political leaders, such as those who occupy the seat of Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division; who are the players; who calls the shots at DOJ; what are the roles of new appointees in the federal agencies; what happens to qui tam (whistleblower) cases during presidential transitions; how to get an audience with DOJ leadership on behalf of whistleblowers; what can we expect will be new False Claims Act priorities; and many more topics related to DOJ’s ongoing anti-fraud enforcement efforts.

Joining Renée on the panel were esteemed former colleagues at the Department of Justice.  Stuart Gerson was a former Acting Attorney General who bridged the George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.  David Ogden, a former Deputy Attorney General, and one-time head of the Civil Division, also led the Obama transition team for the Justice Department.

Renée was asked to lend her expertise to this panel because she helped lead DOJ’s Civil Frauds Section through two presidential transitions.  Having formerly worn the DOJ hat, Renée was able to share her views of how to effectively represent whistleblowers (qui tam relators) during these challenging transitions.

Renée was also an invited speaker to an event called “2020 False Claims Act Year-In-Review/2021 False Claims Act Enforcement Preview” hosted by the Taxpayers Against Fraud.  Joining Renée will be TAF President Jeb White who will provide the highlights of 2020, as well as a preview of 2021, including what we may expect as changes are made within the Department of Justice and other government agencies.  Long-time TAF lobbyist John McMickle will share his overview of the relevant political landscape.

Renée is an active member of Taxpayers Against Fraud, which is a non-profit public-interest organization dedicated to fighting fraud against taxpayer-funded programs.  TAF exists to hold industries that do business with the Government accountable for cheating taxpayers.  The best defense against taxpayer fraud are whistleblowers, individuals who have knowledge of false or fraudulent claims on the Government.  Numerous laws exist to protect whistleblowers from retaliation and provide a reward to individuals for recoveries based on their tips and assistance.

Renée is the former Assistant Director of DOJ Civil Frauds.  If you would like to speak with Renée about your case, email her at: [email protected].

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