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Partner Sabita Soneji Appointed to Samsung Data Breach MDL Leadership

Date Published
Apr 04, 2023

In August 2022, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. suffered a major data breach, leaving personal data vulnerable to attack. This breach has resulted in a several lawsuits against the company, with plaintiffs alleging that the company failed to implement adequate data security measures to protect customer data. In February 2023, the JPML consolidated all the related cases into an MDL in front of Judge Christine O’Hearn in the District of New Jersey. Judge O’Hearn appointed Sabita Soneji, a partner at Tycko & Zavareei LLP, as co-chair of plaintiffs’ Law and Briefing executive committee.

Samsung’s data breach exposed a large amount of sensitive and personal customer data to potential hackers. The lawsuit against Samsung alleges that the company was negligent in its data security measures, failed to act responsibly, and did not take reasonable steps to protect customer information and notify customers in a timely manner of the breach.

As Co-Chair of the Law and Briefing Committee, Ms. Soneji will be one of the key figures fighting for justice on behalf of customers affected by this data breach. Ms. Soneji brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this major case against Samsung. She has led numerous high-profile cases involving data breaches and privacy and is Chair of the firm’s Privacy and Data Breach Group.

This case against Samsung highlights the ongoing issue of data security and the responsibility that companies have to protect customer information they collect. With increasing data breaches affecting millions of people each year, it is crucial that companies take proactive steps to prevent these incidents from happening and to mitigate harm when they do.

The case is In Re: Samsung Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, no.: 23-md-3055 (CPO) (EAP) in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

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