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Travelers United Sues Hyatt Over Junk Fee Practices

Date Published
Aug 21, 2023

August 17, 2023. On Thursday, Travelers United filed suit against Hyatt Hotels over its junk fee practices. Tycko & Zavareei LLP is representing the plaintiffs.

The lawsuit details how for years Hyatt falsely advertised the price of its hotel rooms by adding on “destination,” “resort” and other deceptive fees that did not appear in the advertised price of the rooms. That false advertising convinced consumers that Hyatt hotel rooms are cheaper than they actually are.

Junk fee practices, like Hyatt’s, exceed two billion dollars annually in the hotel industry.

“Junk fees are not just greedy and deceptive. They are illegal,” said Lauren Wolfe, Travelers United’s Chief Legal Officer.

“This lawsuit will show that hotels violate the law when they charge resort fees without including them in the advertised price. American consumers are sick and tired of corporations taking advantage of them with relentless junk fees. Travelers United hopes this lawsuit permanently ends this deceptive practice, and holds Hyatt accountable for their false advertising,” Ms. Wolfe stated.

Peter Silva, one of Traveler’s attorneys, continued, “While the process of stopping these illegal fees has just begun, we are confident that at trial, a D.C. jury will find that Hyatt violated the law.”

Travelers United is a 501(c)3 non-profit consumer protection organization that advocates for American travelers. Travelers United has long fought against hotel junk fees. Travelers United is represented in the suit by Hassan Zavareei, Peter Silva, Wesley Griffith, and Leora Friedman of the public interest firm Tycko & Zavareei LLP, which frequently represents consumers seeking justice through class actions.

The case is Travelers United, Inc. v. Hyatt Hotels Corporation, et al., case no.: 2023-CAB-005095 in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Civil Division.

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