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$2,900,000 Settlement in TCPA Class Action Against Outcome Health

Outcome: $2,900,000.00

Christy Griffith v. ContextMedia Health, LLC d/b/a Outcome Health ,Case No.: 1:16-cv-02900 in the United States District Court for the District of Illinois

TZ achieved a victory on behalf of Christy Griffith and other recipients of text messages from ContextMedia Health, LLC, operating as Outcome Health (Outcome). This class action culminates with a substantial $2,900,000 settlement fund. Ms. Griffith and the class accused Outcome of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by continuing to send autodialed text messages even after recipients explicitly opted out. The arduous legal process began with the filing of the class action complaint by Ms. Griffith on March 7, 2016, following her receipt of unwelcomed texts despite numerous attempts to discontinue the conversation. The settlement not only enforces strict adherence to opt-out requests by consumers but also represents the broader principle of corporate accountability in digital communications.

The implications of this settlement extend beyond the monetary relief it brings to affected claimants. Not only did TZ as class counsel secure a sizeable non-reversionary fund from which impacted claimants can receive just compensation, proportionate to the number of unsolicited texts received post-opt-out, but this lawsuit also foregrounded the significance of consumer consent in the era of digital marketing. Although not part of this settlement, the cessation of the Defendant’s “Healthy Tips” texting program post-March 2016 and the withdrawal of their petition to the FCC for an exemption in this matter signify important operational changes within the company. These changes for consumers reflect our deeper commitment to uphold consumer rights and assert the importance of compliance with national communication protection laws, paving the way for more respectful and lawful engagement between businesses and the public.

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