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Claims Made Class Action Settlement in Clearwire Early Termination

Outcome: Claims made settlement

Minniek, et al. v. Clearwire US., LLC, Case No. C09-0912, Western District of Washington

TZ is proud to announce a significant victory in a class action lawsuit against Clearwire, addressing allegations of misrepresented internet service speeds, the intentional slowing of customer’s internet service speeds (“throttling”), and the enforcement of unfair early termination fees. These practices not only compromised the quality of the service provided but also unjustly penalized customers seeking to terminate their service due to dissatisfaction. Our vigorous legal efforts have culminated in a settlement that acknowledges the grievances of Clearwire’s past customers by offering them substantial refunds and promises a future of improved and ethical practices for both present and future customers of Clearwire.

The settlement was reached after Clearwire agreed to resolve the matter. This resolution resulted in the creation of three distinct settlement classes based on customers who had either paid an early termination fee or experienced throttling at varying speeds. This settlement marks a pivotal step towards ensuring telecommunications companies abide by fair and transparent practices. Our firm, acting as class counsel in this matter, also defeated the appeals of a professional objector. TZ remains committed to holding corporations accountable and championing the rights of consumers, ensuring that they are treated fairly and receive the quality of service they are promised.

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