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Over $103 Million in Relief for Microwave Defect Class Action Members

Outcome: Relief for consumers valued between $103 million to almost $114 million

Hamm, et al. v. Sharp Electronics Corporation, Inc., Case No.: 5:19-cv-00488-JSM-PRL in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida

In a significant class action lawsuit settlement, Tycko & Zavareei LLP successfully achieved a resolution on behalf of consumers against Sharp pertaining to their line of microwave drawer ovens including model numbers SMD2470AH, SMD2470AS, SMD3070AS, SMD2480CS, KB6524PS, and KB6525PS. The plaintiffs in the case asserted that these microwaves harbored a defect that could potentially lead to arcing, thus making the microwaves susceptible to premature failure. Although Sharp contested the allegations, a settlement was reached that secured considerable benefits for the class members. The court certified a nationwide settlement class comprising individuals in the United States who became the first consumer purchaser of the affected models within January 1, 2009 – August 5, 2020. TZ was designated as class counsel.

Details of the Settlement:

  • Comprehensive Compensation: The settlement is estimated to be worth between approximately $103 and $114 million, offering substantive relief to the settlement class members.
  • Consumers could file claims for warranty extension to cover verified arcing claims, replacement or reimbursement options, as well as consequential damages coverage.

Impact of the Settlement:

This legal triumph represents a powerful affirmation of consumer rights. The settlement concedes significant monetary compensation for the class members. By accomplishing a settlement that directly tackles the alleged defect while providing tangible benefits to consumers, the outcome of this lawsuit is praised for its fairness and reasonableness. It assures consumers that their concerns are valid and taken seriously, ensuring that they are compensated for any inconvenience or losses sustained due to the purported design flaw.

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