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Jaclyn S. Tayabji | Former Public Interest Fellow

Jaclyn Tayabji Former Public Interest Fellow

Jaclyn S. Tayabji's Experience as a Fellow

Boston University School of Law, 2021 Emory University, 2016

During her Fellowship, Jaclyn S. Tayabji focused primarily on False Claims Act investigations and “qui tam” litigation. Jaclyn drafted at least four False Claims Act complaints, met frequently with whistleblowers, vetted client documents and allegations that companies and individuals defrauded the government, and assisted Department of Justice investigations into qui tam allegations. Jaclyn developed qui tam actions across a variety of substantive issue areas, including cybersecurity, government contracting, and Medicare Advantage fraud. Outside of client advocacy, Jaclyn sought additional opportunities to educate on whistleblower laws, , including by co-authorizing a law review article titled All Hands on Deck: The Role of Government Employees as Qui Tam Relators (May 2023) with Partner Renée Brooker, an American Association for Justice (AAJ) Trial Magazine article titled The ABCs of Qui Tam Actions (Jan. 2023) with Partner Renée Brooker, and a Ninth Circuit amicus brief in U.S. ex rel. Island Industries, Inc. v. Sigma Corp. with Partner Jonathan Tycko on behalf of The Anti-Fraud Coalition.

Jaclyn also worked on cases addressing unconstitutional and discriminatory treatment of incarcerated individuals. In one case alleging unconstitutional treatment of a pregnant incarcerated individual, Jaclyn had the opportunity to take two depositions, including of a former prison warden, and contributed meaningfully to case strategy discussions and briefing. Jaclyn also worked with an Associate to develop allegations against a private prison contractor for the unconstitutional and discriminatory failure to provide medication for opioid use disorder to incarcerated individuals. Jaclyn enjoyed building upon her previous interest in and experience with advocacy surrounding medication for opioid use disorder, which was the subject of her law school Note.

For three months during her Fellowship, Jaclyn had the opportunity to work full time at The Anti-Fraud Coalition (TAF Coalition). Jaclyn conducted research to support the organization’s Supreme Court amicus brief in U.S. ex rel. Schutte v. SuperValu, Inc. and wrote numerous blog posts spanning topics such as cryptocurrency and other financial frauds, private equity’s increasing role in fraud schemes, False Claims Act cases before the Supreme Court, state False Claims Acts, and trends across False Claims Act and financial frauds enforcement.

The Fellowship provided Jaclyn substantive opportunities to expose corporate fraud and to hone her advocacy skills on behalf of clients and whistleblower programs more broadly. Since September 2023, Jaclyn has continued to work on whistleblower cases as a Tycko & Zavareei Associate.

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