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Leora Friedman | Former Public Interest Fellow

Leora Friedman | Tycko & Zavareei LLP

Leora Friedman's Experience as a Fellow

Georgetown University Law Center, 2020 Princeton University, 2014

During her Fellowship, Leora gained meaningful litigation and other legal experiences across a variety of substantive issue areas. For example, among other projects, she supported plaintiffs alleging unconstitutional jailing practices by contributing to briefing that sought certification of classes as well as Daubert briefing to exclude the defendant’s proposed expert witness and in support of the plaintiffs’ proposed expert. She also participated in a putative class action alleging misleading advertising about consumer products and related breaches of express and implied warranties and served as counsel for the Environmental Defense Fund in litigation alleging agency violations of the Freedom of Information Act. Outside of litigation, Leora co-authored a memo to the Student Protection Borrower Center with Partner Sabita J. Soneji, analyzing the Student Loan Sunshine Act and proposing methods of enforcement.

For three months, Leora also had the opportunity to work at the Public Justice Food Project during her Fellowship. There, in addition to supporting two investigations, she co-authored a Supreme Court amicus brief alongside Food Project Litigation Director David Muraskin supporting Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food & Agriculture et al. in National Pork Producers Council v. Ross (Case No.: 21-468). The brief outlines how California’s Proposition 12 addresses the in-state risk of zoonotic disease from swine that were subjected to intensive confinement.

The Fellowship gave Leora significant litigation experience and exposed her to important areas of law. Since September 2022, she has continued this work as a Tycko & Zavareei Associate.

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