Tycko & Zavareei LLP Brings Class Action Against Airborne Health, LLC And Others Over Deceptive Advertising Of The “Airborne” Heath Formula

A team of law firms including Tycko & Zavareei LLP has filed a lawsuit against Airborne Health, LLC, the maker of the popular “Airborne” health formula products. These products are marketed as providing users with protection from “germs and viruses” and as “boosting” the “immune system.” The complaint in the lawsuit alleges that these claims have no scientific basic, and are deceptive. The complaint also alleges that Airborne Health has engaged in a longstanding scheme of deception, which has included the creation and distribution of a phony “clinical study” intended to support the company’s deceptive health claims. The lawsuit is also brought against Walgreen Company, the owner of the Walgreen’s chain, which sells a similar product under the name “Wal-Borne.” The goal of the lawsuit is, in part, to stop Airborne Health and Walgreen’s from engaging in the deceptive marketing and sale of Airborne and Wal-Borne. To download a copy of the complaint, click here.